Alex Hodges

CEO/Director of Operations

Alex has been serving in the private security sector for over 8 plus years. In conjunction with his honorable service in the US Armed Forces, and years as a Volunteer Police Officer prior to serving 4 years within the Division of Corrections, Alex's dedication and detail to safety is unparalleled. His leadership training from his time in the Armed Forces is the same; leadership he displays to his staff.

Herbert "Chris" Anderson

Director of Security

After a thriving career in the Division of Corrections, Asset Protection Specialist was pleased to welcome Herbert "Chris" Anderson to the team. With several year is the private security sector before entering into Corrections, Chris' training will take APSS to new heights. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, they have helped to make us what we are today. Chris' knowledge and detail to repetitive security sequences and passion to protect others aids APSS in maintaining training and education for our officers and staff. ​​


(314) 916-1774

P.O. Box 642
Saint Louis, MO 63188

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